Zgłoś Swoją

Volkswagen Jetta

Description of the vehicle

Year of productions 2012
Capacity 1,4
Fuel Petrol
Power 122 KM
Body Sedan
Number of seats 5

Toyota Auris

Description of the vehicle

Year of production 2015
Capacityść 1,6
Fuel Petrol
Power 135 KM
Body Kombi
Number of seats 5

§1. BHRent in Gdańsk rents passenger cars to people who meet the conditions: – 21 years of age – ID card (passport if the person does not live in PL) – driving license (cat.B)


§2. Within the one-day rate, the hirer can drive a 400 km car. If the tenant exceeds the set limit, he is obliged to pay an additional fee of PLN 0.10 for each kilometer covered in the case of passenger cars.


§3. The tenant is obliged to pay the rental amount in advance for the duration of the rental contract, in the case of returning the car before the end of the contract, BHRent does not refund the overpaid amount for the rented car. Renting regulations, Gdańsk car rental.


§4. Traveling outside the Republic of Poland may only take place with the written consent of BHRent.


§5. The rented vehicle may not be subleased (lent) to persons not entered in the contract with BHRent, if that happens, the tenant responds materially and legally for all losses and damages incurred at that time.


§6. In the case of damaging the car that prevents its independent movement (road collision, mechanical damage) or theft, the tenant is obliged to immediately contact BHRent by phone.


§7. The tenant is financially responsible for losses or damages caused by his fault or neglect.


§8. In the case of the evident fault of the tenant (eg. driving in a state of insobriety, not being cautious, a collision, bravado) the period of repair will be treated as a continuation of the lease with all financial and legal consequences.


§9. BHRent is not liable for material damage resulting from the failure to reach the destination by the rented car for reasons of failure, collision, etc. In the event case of breakdown of a car regardless of the tenant’s actions, BHRent will substitute a car within the territory of the Republic of Poland within 24 hours from the time of telephone notification.


§10. BHRent is not responsible for traffic offenses committed by the tenant (penalty tickets, photos from speed cameras).


§11. BHRent is not responsible for items carried or left in the car.


§12. Exceeding the term of the contract and not informing a representative of BHRent about the intention to extend the loan period authorizes the company to notify the police about the theft of the vehicle and increase the rental rate by 150% for each additional day of arbitrary use of the object of rent.


§13. The car should be left for the night in a visible illuminated place (eg. a guarded car park).


§14. BHRent rents to the tenant a technically efficient, clean (inside and outside) car with a liability insurance and accident insurance.


§15. BHRent offers additional comprehensive insurance for an additional 30 PLN a day, in the case of §7 not being applicable.


§16. During the lease period, the tenant is obliged to comply with the basic rules of vehicle operation, i.e. checking the oil level in the engine, the amount of air in the tires, etc. In the case of any deficiencies that may cause damage to the subject of the tenancy, the tenant is obliged to supplement the deficiencies noted.


§17. The tenant returns the car on a fixed date, without damage, clean and financially responsible for the missing parts and car wash costs (50.00 PLN if the car is dirty when was rented clean).


§18. If the vehicle is returned without documents (registration document, liability policy) or the key, BHRent will charge the tenant with the following costs: a) 800 PLN for the lost documents, b) 300 PLN for losing the key.


§19. In the case of minor and necessary car repairs, BHRent takes into account only personal bills or invoices issued by car workshops to settle an account, after prior consultation.


§20. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply. Gdańsk car rental – regulations of renting


§21. The tenant declares that he agrees to the automatic processing of his personal data provided to BHRent Car Rental and agrees to their processing in accordance with the Act of 08.29.1997 (U.Journal of Laws No. 133, position: 883) for marketing purposes. The TENANT declares that he has been informed about the lack of a statutory obligation to provide personal data and about the right to access his personal data.